Hello friend! I am a lifestyle coach certified in natural health and holistic nutrition. My mission is to empower others with the notion that we hold the keys to our healing and growth. Healing is possible. Change is possible. Our bodies are resilient, and if we provide the right tools, it can fix itself.

I specialize in juicing, weight loss, mindset, and compulsive over eating. I have found that community is more important than ever on this journey we call life, which is why it is one of my four pillars. My goal is for everyone on this planet to not only survive, but to THRIVE.

My story is unique, yet common. In the words of Aristotle, “Believe only your own experience. There is no fact like a fact learned from your own life.” The facts I had previously learned from experience were ones that my daily actions were doing nothing but harm to myself and the world around me. I dealt with addiction, denial, and indifference, and it got me nowhere. It lead to depression and to the sabotaging of relationships that were supposed to be most important.

I chose to let it go and start over and create my own facts, make my own experience, and look inward. Not go with the tide, and my only hope is for those to recognize their own power within.

Through my dance in darkness I learned that our life’s purpose is to be a light. A friend once told me, “Be a lighthouse, not a tugboat,” which resinated deeply with me and reaffirmed my musing. By changing yourself you can change your environment and the world. It begins with you. There’s no sense in trying to change others. Think of how hard it is to change ourselves!

There are two things I fall back on nowadays. One is gratitude and being grateful for the journey. The other is grace. Having grace with yourself if you stumble, as well as having grace with others. We’ve all been through a lot. Be your own best friend.

In closing, I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes.

Those who go where few have gone will see what few have seen.


We are powerful beings. More powerful than words can describe.

Let’s take back control of our lives. Let’s climb the unexplored mountain.

Let’s strive to thrive!