8 Reasons You Should Consider A Juice Fast

Hey everyone,

The only time is right now, so thank you for using your ‘right now’ by visiting my blog. This post is going to be about my passion. Something that has changed my life, and I am never looking back.

Juice fasting. Juice feasting. Juice cleansing. Solid food vacation. Why should we all consider do one?

It’s pretty simple actually. The short answer is because we are full of shit. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Right off the bat I will tell you what happened when I did my first juice fast. I did one for 30 days, and on day 30 I was still having solid bowel movements. Six months later I did a 40 day juice fast, and on day 40, I was STILL having solid bowel movements. Quite literally, we are full of shit, and this accumulated waste matter is where 90% or more of our problems and health issues come from.

From what I have read from qualified researchers, doctors, and nutritionists, only about 5% of the world’s population does not have a clogged colon, and that 5% is a generous number. Unless you are a long time raw vegan, fruitarian, 80:20 raw:cooked vegan who applies proper food combining techniques, or have done an extended fast in the past you are more than likely in the 95% camp. Most gastroenterologists will admit they have never seen a truly healthy colon as pictured in anatomy books. The average person has 12-15 meals backed up in their intestines at any given time. Don’t let a six pack or a flat stomach fool you either. This doesn’t mean a traffic jam isn’t going on inside you as well.

How does this happen? Well, that is a loaded question. One reason is because we are eating the wrong foods. Another is that we may be eating the right foods, but we are not combining those foods properly. Another would be a combination of the two: eating the wrong foods and combining the wrong foods.

There are three stages of digestion: consumption, assimilation, and elimination. This is where things get confusing. That third stage is not studied thoroughly by the medical and nutrition community. Unfortunately, they don’t know the totality of the elimination stage and bowel transit time, and that’s because they are full of shit too!

Take a look at my before and after photos below. I left the time stamps on there to prove to you the possibilities and transformation that can happen in a short period of time. This was done in 46 days (40 days of fasting and 6 days of breaking the fast) with minimal exercise. I biked 6 miles a day total (going to and from work) and walked 2.5 miles on my lunch. That’s it. This is just the tip of the ice berg. When you go on a long juice fast, say 30-40 days or more, a few things happen, and here are the reasons why you should do it.

1. You reset your feedback system. Afterwards, your body will tell you when you’re doing something wrong or eating something wrong. Organisms are self-correcting, self-protecting, and self-healing. It’s a natural law that we tend to forget.

2. You flush out that accumulated, gnarly gunk that has been sitting in your intestines for months and even years. Yes, I said years.

By flushing out that un-eliminated waste matter we get to where our ideal weight should be. There are many components to weight, but most nutritionists and doctors don’t account for the stuff stuck in our intestines. I lost 40 pounds in 30 days, and I wasn’t obese or overweight. Sure, I wasn’t in the greatest shape, but that’s crazy.

A little tangent is in order here. So what happens when we eat the wrong food combinations? A number of things happen. I learned the hard way after my first 30 day fast and gained some of the weight back. That’s why I had to give it another go 6 months later. Trial and error, right? I go into detail about food combining and trophology here, but I will give a small taste now for the sake of this point. The biggest mistake made when it comes to food combining is combining protein and starch. I know this is a hard pill to swallow. Believe me.

Everything is chemistry, and there are only two sides to chemistry. Acid and alkaline. Proteins require an acidic medium in the stomach to digest, via the enzyme pepsin. Starches require an alkaline medium to digest, via the enzyme ptyalin that is excreted in the mouth. Basic chemistry will tell you that when these two foods are combined they will neutralize each other resulting in a putrefied protein and a fermented starch. Think of a half digested piece of meat and bread sitting in a warm, moist place. A nice murky, disgusting slush that moves slowly through the intestines until it goes out the back door. Or so we think.

Now, when wrong food combinations happen, the body in its wisdom does everything it can to protect itself. The colon excretes mucous to cover the slush and protect the internal organs from this putrefied and fermented garbage. Imagine day after day, meal after meal of doing this. Now, think of our parents and grandparents! There is a reason we see bellies and bubble guts on a lot of our elderly. It’s because it’s not all fat. There is a ton of mucous build up in our colons, and that build up is polluting our bodies. Juice fasts get rid of this.

It’s liberating flushing out this mucoid plaque. It was the best feeling in my entire life. I still feel like I have some work to do in that department, but a collective 114 days of juice feasting has gotten rid of at least some of it. Perhaps, I am due to go the distance to finish the job.

3. You will have a better relationship with food. This one is important. Food and emotions are deeply linked, especially if you grew up in a family where dinner was sacred. Love and food are intertwined. Even if dinner wasn’t sacred in your home. We need food to survive. It’s very difficult to break that bond with the foods we love the most. Unfortunately, the foods we tend to love the most do not love us back. After a fast, your body begins to crave real nutrients. Your taste buds will sing when you eat a ripe piece of fruit. You begin to understand what fuel you need, how often you need to eat, and what you don’t need. Majority of us could have a better relationship with food, and this is the best way to do it.

4. You increase the coherent sunlight energy, also known as biophoton levels, in your body. There has been a lot of discoveries about sunlight energy in recent years, and for whatever reason people don’t know about it in the mainstream. It is light energy that is stored in the nucleus of living organisms and emitted from those living organisms allowing for speed of light communication. Think of birds flying and fish swimming in perfect formation together. Therefore, when we eat raw fruits and veggies we are consuming these biophotons, and those biophotons then transfer to us. If you are spiritual or believe in the law of attraction, then this will take that to the next level. Sounds out of this world, because it is.

By now people should know that we are energetic and electric beings. One of the few things modern science has finally come around to and acknowledged. Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells. Cells form tissues, tissues form organs, and organs make up body systems. The core of those cells is the nucleus, and the nucleus is made up of 99% empty space/energy. When we go on a juice feast, and we are consuming 10-20 lbs of raw produce per day our biophoton levels go through the roof. We become more energetic and vibrant. It’s truly amazing. For more information on biophotons take a look at some of the work Dr. Fritz Albert Pop has done.

5. You will appreciate nature more. We are social animals, and the further we drift from nature the more conflict and disharmony there will be. We are deeply connected to the world around us. It’s imperative we get back in touch with nature. Love nature, and nature will love you back, and contrariwise.

6. It will reset and jumpstart your digestive system. Like I stated earlier, majority of us are filled with mucous, and this slime that lines our intestines prevents a lot of the assimilation of the nutrients we consume. Some of the nutrients may get absorbed, but not nearly as much as if we were clean inside. We can eat the best foods in the world, but it doesn’t mean a thing if the food isn’t digested properly.

7. Because your body needs the nutrients! Majority of us do not consume nearly enough produce, and this is the best way to do it. Give your digestive system the break it so desperately needs, and consume more raw, fresh juices.

8. It will increase your overall energy and mental efficiency, allowing you to sleep less and get more things done. Digesting food takes anywhere from 60-70% of our daily cellular energy in the course of 24 hours or more, especially if we are eating the wrong foods. Our digestive system is constantly in overdrive due to the burden we put on it. Juice fasting allows that energy to focus elsewhere like the regeneration and rebuilding of body tissue, recharging your battery cells with electrically charged electrolytes, and the recovery of your power, strength, and endurance. My health improved dramatically. Ailments I had for years went away. People around the world are doing this and curing diseases that were thought to be incurable; mental and physical. When we free up our digestive energy that energy can go clean house in our bodies. Fasting detoxes your system all the way down to the cell.

This will be the most exhilarating experience in your entire life. Doing this will teach you more about your body and health than anything you have learned in the past. I guarantee it. I hope you enjoyed reading this and consider doing a fast. You will not regret it!

We are powerful beings. More powerful than words can describe.

Let’s take that power back!


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